Introducing the Maxus T90 Electric Vehicle Truck – Powering Your Business Towards a Sustainable Future!

Revolutionize your commercial fleet with the Maxus T90 Electric Vehicle Truck, a powerhouse of efficiency and sustainability. This eco-friendly truck is designed to meet the demands of your business while contributing to a greener tomorrow.

**Motor Power:**
Experience the robust performance of the Maxus T90 with its powerful 1200W motor, delivering the torque and reliability needed for your commercial operations.

Featuring a high-capacity 60V20AH lead-acid battery, the Maxus T90 ensures long-lasting power to keep your business moving forward, all while minimizing environmental impact.

**Max Speed:**
Navigate through city streets and highways with ease, thanks to the Maxus T90’s maximum speed of 45km/h, providing both efficiency and safety for your cargo transport needs.

Equipped with durable 3.00-10 front and rear tyres, the Maxus T90 ensures stability and traction, allowing you to confidently transport your goods across various terrains.

**Braking System:**
Prioritize safety with the Maxus T90’s reliable braking system, featuring a front disc brake and rear drum brake for responsive and controlled stopping power.

**Spacious Design:**
Designed with the demands of commercial transport in mind, the Maxus T90 boasts a spacious vehicle size of 1880mm*680mm*1120mm, providing ample cargo space without compromising maneuverability.

**Efficient Packaging:**
Optimize your logistics with a thoughtfully designed packing size of 1680mm*520mm*870m, ensuring that your Maxus T90 arrives securely and ready for action.

**Payload Capacity:**
With a net weight of 65KG (without battery) and a gross weight of 100KG, the Maxus T90 strikes a perfect balance between payload capacity and operational efficiency, making it the ideal choice for your business needs.

Embrace the future of commercial transport with the Maxus T90 Electric Vehicle Truck – a reliable, powerful, and environmentally conscious solution for your business. Drive your success with the Maxus T90 today!


  • Motor Power1200W
    Battery60V20AH(Lead acid)
    Max Speed45km/h
    Front Tyre3.00-10
    Rear Tyre3.00-10
    Front BrakeDisc Brake
    Rear BrakeDrum Brake
    Vehicle Size1880mm*680mm*1120mm
    Packing Size1680mm*520mm*870m
    Net Weight65KG(Without Battery)
    Gross Weight100KG


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