5-Seat Hotel Buggy

Introducing the 5-Seater Hotel Buggy from B7 Globals Caribbean, a sophisticated and efficient solution for seamlessly transporting guests and staff around your hotel premises. Crafted with a focus on both functionality and elegance, this electric buggy promises a harmonious fusion of comfort, performance, and environmental sustainability.

Measuring at 3400*1550*1900mm, the 5-Seater Hotel Buggy offers ample room for up to five passengers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for all occupants. Whether it’s guests exploring the beauty of your resort or staff navigating swiftly between various facilities, this buggy caters to diverse transportation requirements with ease.

Driven by a robust 72V 4000W motor, the buggy attains a top speed of 40 km/h, facilitating efficient travel across your property. Its impressive climbing capability of 15% ensures seamless maneuverability through elevated terrain, enhancing its versatility across different landscapes.

Featuring a dependable storage battery comprising 12V*6PCS, 100AH, this buggy delivers an impressive travel range of 80-100km on a single charge, ideal for prolonged usage throughout the day. Moreover, with a quick charging time of just 8-9 hours, downtime is minimized, ensuring uninterrupted operation without extended waiting periods.

Beyond its exceptional performance and endurance, the 5-Seater Hotel Buggy prioritizes sustainability by producing zero emissions as an electric vehicle. This eco-friendly feature contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment for both hotel guests and staff to relish.

Whether it’s providing shuttle services for guests, attending to maintenance duties, or fulfilling operational needs, the 5-Seater Hotel Buggy from B7 Globals Caribbean stands out for its reliability, efficiency, and eco-conscious design. Elevate your hospitality experience by embracing this state-of-the-art electric buggy today.

5-Seat Hotel Buggy AT A GLANCE!

  • Overall Size3400*1550*1900mm
    Seating Capacity5 Seats
    Speed Range40 km/h
    Climbing Capacity15%
    Storage Battery12V*6PCS,100AH
    Motor Power72V 4000W
    Traveling Range80-100km
    Charging Time8-9Hours


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