NETA V is a pure electric crossover Hozon Auto (NETA AUTO), it is offered in 2 different range versions of 301km and 401km, it is powered by two different e-motor with max. power of 40kW and 55kW, respectively.

Hozon Neta V Pro is an entry-level Chinese-made electric SUV. Neta V Pro comes with a single electric motor which produces 95 HP and 150 Nm of torque. Small SUV can travel up to 401 kilometers when fully charged. It doesn’t support DC fast charging, though.

User Benefits

Delicate and beautiful appearance, effective avoidance of rear-ending, and improved driving safety

User Benefits

Sharp and powerful, concentrated light, long irradiation distance

User Benefits

The appearance is intelligent and smooth, pleasing to the eye. Low energy consumption and long endurance

User Benefits

Eco-friendly and exquisite, high-end luxury, delicate touch

User Benefits

Large trunk volume, worry-free travel

User Benefits

Adopting a sports-style shape, the pressure distribution of the vehicle seat is developed against the standard of Mercedes-Benz, and matched with high-quality seat fabrics to create an ergonomic zero-gravity seat

Lights-sensing Automatic Headlights

Lights-sensing Automatic Headlights

HEPA N95 grade filter + air conditioner filter lifespan reminder

High temperature cooling function

Low temperature heating function

95% constant temperature ratio

User Benefits

Adopt the self-developed HEPT 3.0 thermostatic battery management system, with automatic high temperature cooling, low temperature heating functions. Keep the battery in the best working condition

Zero Buttons (ride and go without buttons)

14.6-inch central control touchscreen

Phone Projection

Smart Entertainment

Trendy Appearance

Intelligent Security

Battery Life


  • Model/Type/YearNeta V
    Motor TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
    Horsepower95 HP (69 kW)
    Top Speed121 km/h
    Acceleration0-100m (12.6 Seconds)
    Torque150 Nm
    Number of EnginesSingle Motor

  • Battery 38.54 kWh
    Range 401 km (249 miles)
    DC Charge Rate 0 kW
    AC Charge Rate 6.6 kW
    AC Charge Time 8 hours
    Urban Consumption kWh/100km
    Avg. Consumption 9.6 kWh/100km

  • Weight1110 Kg
    Length4070 mm
    Width1690 mm
    Height1540 mm
    Luggage Volume550 Litres
    Vehicle TypeElectric SUV
    Year of Production2022


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