Introducing the BYD T3, a pioneering electric cargo van designed to revolutionize urban logistics. Crafted for the demands of modern businesses, this versatile and efficient vehicle is brought to you by B7 Globals Caribbean, marking a significant stride towards sustainable and practical commercial transportation.

**Design and Dimensions:**
The BYD T3 boasts a contemporary design with a focus on functionality. Its compact yet robust structure, with a length of 4,460 mm, width of 1,720 mm, and a height of 1,875 mm, ensures nimble navigation through urban landscapes. The wheelbase of 2,725 mm provides stability, and the van’s design maximizes cargo space without compromising on agility.

With a top speed of 100 km/h, the BYD T3 ensures swift and reliable deliveries in urban environments. It exhibits exceptional gradeability, allowing it to conquer slopes with ease, and a remarkable range of up to 300 km, making it a dependable choice for various delivery routes.

**Cargo Capabilities:**
The spacious cargo compartment, with a volume of 3,800 L, is intelligently designed to accommodate diverse payloads, making it an ideal solution for a range of business needs. The van’s minimal turning radius of ≤5.75 m enhances its maneuverability, ensuring it can navigate through tight spaces with ease.

**Powertrain and Efficiency:**
The BYD T3 is equipped with an advanced AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, delivering 100 kW of power and 180 Nm of torque. Its BYD Lithium-ion NCM Battery with a capacity of 50.3 kWh ensures both efficiency and longevity. The regenerative braking system, combined with hydraulic disc brakes, contributes to energy conservation and enhances overall safety.

**Charging Capabilities:**
The T3 features a versatile charging system, with an AC 6.6 kW charger and a DC 40 kW fast charger. Whether using single-phase AC 230V or three-phase AC 400V, the T3 adapts to diverse charging infrastructures, allowing for flexibility and convenience in recharging.

In conclusion, the BYD T3 isn’t just a cargo van; it’s a smart solution for businesses seeking to integrate sustainability into their logistics operations. With its efficient design, remarkable performance, and commitment to green technology, the BYD T3 stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of urban commercial transportation. Elevate your business with the BYD T3 and make a lasting impact on the future of urban logistics in the Caribbean.


  • DimensionsLength4,460 mm (4.46 m)
     Width1,720 mm (1.72 m)
     Height1,875 mm (1.88 m)
     Wheelbase2,725 mm (2.73m)
     Curb Weight1,640 kg
     Maximum Payload780 kg
     Gross Vehicle Weight2,420 kg
    PerformanceTop Speed100 km/hour
     GradeabilityUp to 20%
     RangeUp to 300km
     Cargo Volume3,800 L
     Minimum Turning Radius≤5.75 m
     SuspensionFront – MacPherson Strut,
    Rear – Leaf Spring
     BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes with ABS
    and Regenerative Braking
     Tires195/60 R16C
    PowertrainMotor TypeAC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
     Maximum Power100 kW
     Maximum Torque180 Nm
     Energy Consumption18.7 kWh / 100 km
     CVES BandA
     Battery TypeBYD Lithium-ion NCM Battery
     Battery Capacity*50.3 kWh
     ChargerAC 6.6 kW / DC 40 kW
     Charging VoltageSingle-phase AC 230V / Three-phase AC 400V
     Charging Time (0-100% SOC)^AC 7.6h / DC 1.3ht


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